Acctim Halmstad White Green Wall Clock Time Children Kids School Nursery 21802

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10 1/4" Time Teaching Clock with brightly coloured dial and easy to read hands.

Ideal in the classroom and home as an attractive and fun way to teach young children to tell the time. With bright colours, chunky big numbers and coloured easy to read hands this educational clock from ACCTIM will make learning fun and easy for your kids.

Product Features:-

  • Quality deep metal rim
  • 260mm Diameter
  • White face 
  • Green Rim 
  • Green Hour Hand 
  • Red Minute Hand 
  • Each numeral differently coloured to aid learning. 
  • OClock / Half Past / 1/4 past / 1/4 to markings. Plus 5 /10 / 20 / 25 past / to markings.