Juucee Lite Red Power Bank 2600mah Portable Usb Battery Pack Charger Led

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The design of this Bitmore Juucee Lite Powerbank is stylish and small so you can carry it around in your bag or even in your pocket when you're on the go! The LED lights on the Powerbank will tell you how much juice is left for use, so you always know when to recharge your Powerbank! It also has a really useful built in LED torch for those moments when you just need a bit more light. Compatible with, and ready to charge all standard smart phones, MP3 players, cameras & portable gaming consoles, as well as all other 5V portable electronic devices; Power when you need it most! 

+ 2600 mAh Battery Power
+ LED Battery Power Indicator
+ Bright LED Torch
+ Available in a range of colours

About Bitmore Powerbanks
Our gadgets can do almost everything – until they run out of fuel. It’s usually when you need to make an important call or send an urgent email. The Bitmore range of Powerbanks can keep your gadgets going longer by letting you charge them anywhere, anytime. Compact enough to hold in one hand, and powerful enough to charge a wide range of USB enabled devices, you need never be left stranded or offline again.

About Bitmore
Quality, Innovation and Value are the three pillars of the Bimore brand, now available exclusively at Peak Development. Through Bitmore, we constantly monitor the market, to bring you a focussed range of the very latest innovative technology, gadgets and accessories. From Speakers and Headphones to Cables and Selfie Sticks these are products designed to slot in effortlessly and make your digital lifestyle less complicated and more fun.