Deluxe Burner With Grill & Lid Gas Stove Camping Cooker Piezo Ignite

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This Yellowstone Deluxe double burner with grill and lid is designed for camping, festivals, and any site where you have a semi permanent base. The dual burners will boil water quickly, and you can cook your toast under the grill at the same time. Perfect for a delicious cooked breakfast in the morning. The folding lid also acts as a windshield, which makes cooking that much easier.

This cooker needs a regulator and hose this is compatible with Regulator GA025. We stock this product in our Camping Accessories section, and is also compatible with Butane / Propane Gas. We do not supply propane or butane gas for this particular product.


  • Two hobs and a grill
  • Power: Output 1.5kW (per burner) / 1.5kW (grill)
  • Gas Consumption: 150g per hour
  • Grill pan included
  • Compatible with Butane / Propane