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Dust Off 24 Touch Screen Wipes Quick Dry Smartphone Gps Tv Laptop Monitor Tablet

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Quick drying touch screen wipes, alcohol-free to help in maintaining a clean viewing screen. Suitable for Tablet, Smart Phones,GPS Screens. TV, Laptops and Monitor screens. Wipe dimensions: 15.2cm x 12.7cm (6” x 5”) 24 indivdual foil sealed packets.

Importance of cleaning

  • Wipes used for “quick” clean.
  • Reduces spreading of germs.
  • Removes dust, dirt and grime.
  • Eliminates nasty fingerprints.
  • Extend life of electronics.
  • Keeps electronics running and looking new

Cleaning a smartphone or portable device touch screen

  • Step 1: Turn off phone. Make sure power is completely off.
  • Step 2: To remove unwanted fingerprints, dirt and debris simply wipe entire screen until dirt and fingerprints are removed for a “quick clean.” DO NOT use excessive pressure when wiping down your screen