Kids Usb Colour Coded Dual Case Pc Keyboard Educational Big Keys Upper Lower

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Great for home or schools! If you need more than 1, we offer discount on bulk orders. Just get in touch via Ebay messages

Keys marked with both Upper and lower letters. The colour coding on the keyboard will help young children identify consonants and vowels in an easy fun way. Plus it helps to remove the confusion that a standard keyboard can cause. This is achieved by further breaking up; using colour, the different parts of the keyboard that we take for granted but is often difficult for a young person to understand.

The key colours are set out as follows:- Numbers are blue. The keys that move the cursor on the page are Yellow. These are “Tab”; “Space” and the “Enter” keys. Green is for keys that will type a symbol on to the page. All the keys that do not type on to the page are coloured Red. They could be called “Action” or “Function” keys. The consonants are Orange and the Vowels are Purple. Shortcut key can be programmed using Microsoft Office.

  • Large keys for little fingers!
  • Suggested for ages 3 to 8 years
  • USB for easy plug and play connection to PC or laptops
  • Certified non-toxic plastic.