Tv Wall Mount Bracket 13" - 27" Tilt Swivel Vesa Up To 100 X 100 Led Lcd Plasma

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Wall mount bracket suitable for LCD screens up to approx 27" (VESA 75x75mm / 100x100mm)


  • VESA compliant: 75x75, 100x100
  • Tilt 60° (-30°-+30°tilt down / up)
  • 45° swivel (+/-22.5 degrees Left and Right)
  • Supplied ready assembled and with TV fixings M4x14 / M5x14.
  • Distance of TV to wall 85mm approx
  • Colour: Black
  • Retail Boxed

..How do I know if this mount is suitable for my TV?

What Is VESA? - TV Wall Mounting

A Guide To VESA

What is Vesa? If you are looking to mount you Plasma or LCD TV on the Wall you will no doubt have come across the term VESA or VESA compatible or VESA compliant - but what does this mean?

VESA is a term used to describe the way a Plasma or LCD is fitted to a Wall Bracket or Wall Mount.

VESA is a standard pattern of mounting location holes on the back of a Plasma or LCD TV which allows many standard Wall Brackets and Wall Mounts to be easily fitted to your Plasma or LCD TV.

Almost all of the major Plasma and LCD TV manufacturers such as Sony, Philips, Samsung make Plasma and LCD TV's which are VESA compatible meaning that you have a wide choice of Wall Brackets and Wall Mounts from many suppliers which will be compatible with your Plasma or LCD TV.

..So how do I tell if my Plasma or LCD screen is compatible with this mount?

Well its not as difficult as it may seem simply look on the back of your TV and measure the spacing of the mounting holes.If the measurements fall within the VESA measurements in our description then you're good to go.