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Uk Mains Timer Plug 7 Day 24 Hour Digital Lighting Switch Time Clock 3 Pin

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Pre-set specific on/off times over a 24 hour period, 7 days a week. Easier to use and more accurate than mechanical type timers. Ideal device for household or workplace safety purposes, such as radios, coffee makers, lighting, electronic heaters, radiators, night switching for items such as external lighting, washing machines and dishwashers to make use of the lower night time electricity charges.


  • Clear LCD programme display window with week day indication.
  • Easy use programme setting 4 function buttons.
  • Plug in to UK mains socket then plug device into the timer.


  • 10 ON/OFF Cycles per day.
  • Time setting interval: 1 minute.
  • Individual and Daily ON/OFF Cycles.
  • Permanently ON/OFF.
  • 24 Hour display.
  • Current: 240V AC 50~60hZ, 13A.
  • Max. Power: 3120W.
  • IP rating: IP20.
  • Working temp. 0-55 degree C.
  • Colour: WHITE.